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Mountain Market Online


We now have an online platform that allows you to shop from some of our amazing Mountain Market vendors.

That means no more waiting for the summer market season to get your locally grown produce and artisan products.

Click here to access the Mountain Market Online
Now you can access fresh, locally-grown, just-picked produce, shop local from the comfort & safety of your own home. Shop online to support your local farmers and artisans and help stimulate the economy. Plus have your market items delivered right to your doorstep.

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Want to know more? Scroll down to read the FAQs

Want to be involved? All Mountain Market vendors are welcome. Contact us to learn more.



How do I register? Click the link above to access the store.

How does it work? There will be listings of all the local products available. Each Market Vendor will also have an online shop that you can explore. Scroll through the photos and click to add items to your basket. Once you are ready, click to check out and complete your transaction. Then wait for the items to be delivered to your door.

How do I pay? Our online system offers one easy checkout process for multiple vendors. You can pay online with your credit card.

Which vendors are included? A variety of the Mountain Market vendors are included. The number of farmers and produce available will increase as our growing season gets underway.  Please check back regularly to see how we grow.


Who delivers it and when? The farmer or artisan will deliver their product to your door. Each vendor sets their own delivery dates. We ask vendors to deliver weekly. Check the vendor listings for details. Some of our vendors also have delivery support from the Mountain Market once in Fernie and have their products delivered by electric vehicle.

What areas do vendors deliver? Each vendor can specify what areas they will deliver to. Check their listings.

Where do they drop it off? We recommend specifying an area you would like your product delivered in your comments once you complete your purchase. eg. Please leave in the cooler at the front door.

Is there a cost for delivery? Free delivery is available from most vendors at a set purchase rate (eg. $30 purchase gets free shipping).  Each individual vendor sets their own rates. Please read about your vendor and click to read the details of each product.

Are there minimum orders? Many vendors have a minimum order amount for a purchase. This helps ensure it is worth the trip for the farmer/artisan to deliver their products to your home.


When do listings get updated? Each vendor manages their listings individually. If you want to know when they upload new stock then ask them. A vendor’s phone number and email are listed in their store description.

Why online? This service was launched rapidly in response to the outbreak. It is a work-in-progress. We are working as fast as we can to load inventory into the catalog, so if you don’t see much right now, check back later.

Thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Buy BC program, CBT and the BCAFM for their support of taking the Mountain Market online in the 2020 season.