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To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Mountain Market will comply with orders from the Provincial Health Officer and British Columbia Center for Disease Control.

Click here to review the BCCDC Farmers Market Guidelines.


Fernie Mountain Market provides a place where vendors can promote and sell the items they make, bake, or grow.



If you’d like to vend at the Mountain Market, please contact us first and we will let you know if there is a need for the products or services you offer. We are happy to host vendors that would like to attend just a few markets a year or the whole season.

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Once you have approval (instructions above), please register as a Mountain Market Vendor online (below). You must be registered to be to attend Mountain Market events. If you receive Mountain Market eNewsletters via email from us, that means you are registered as a vendor.

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We pride ourselves on creating a safe space for our vendors and customers at the Market. Vendors are expected to have read, understood, and implement the rules included in our COVID guide. Vendors that do not meet the guidelines will not be allowed to vend.

Click to review our 2021 Mountain Market CoVid Guide


Market fees at Rotary Park are $20 for a 10×10 space. Food trucks are $30 per truck. All vendors must provide their own setup, and we recommend you come prepared for all the elements that our beautiful mountain setting can send our way. Spaces are “first come, first serve”, except for the reserved area for season-long vendors. Fees are collected by the Market Manager each week at the beginning of the market via credit or debit card. No cash payments are accepted for weekly fees.


Vendors commit 100% of their vending area to selling items that they can say “I made it, I baked it, or I grew it”



Please check the Market Calendar.  Vendors are expected to operate fully throughout the designated time periods. If you cannot stay for the entire market period, then it is best to not attend. Vendors must be set up and ready for sales by 9:45 am. Late vendors will not be allowed to set up.


Vendors must operate during the Market hours from 10am till 2pm. All customers deserve to have a similar Market experience whether they come at 10:05am or 1:55pm. Tidying and organizing your booth throughout the Market is allowable. Takedown is allowed after the Market ends at 2pm.  Any packing up of supplies, signage, baskets, product, or other parts of your setup counts as taking down and is an infraction.


Weekly vendors are not allowed on-site before 8 am. For your first market, please check in with a Market Coordinator before setting up so we can explain how it works. A Market Coordinator can be identified by their grey and green hat. 1st-time vendors are recommended to arrive between 8 and 8:45 am.


For the Sunday Market, vendors with seasonal reserved spots only can drive in and drop off their set up. All vehicles must be offsite by 8:45 am. Please take great care when driving through the market area.  The maximum speed is 5km/hour.  Please remove your vehicles offsite immediately after dropping off your set up.  Only begin setting up AFTER you have parked your vehicle. All vehicles must be offsite by 8:45 am.


Food vendors from Alberta (maximum 300km away) are now allowed to attend the Mountain Market as Qualified Extra-Provincial Food Vendors. BCAFM bylaws were changed in 2021 state to allow AB food vendors are allowed to vend at BCAFM markets. We are proud to say we have been working for multiple years to change this and it has finally happened.  Artisan vendors from Alberta are not allowed to vend at BCAFM markets.


Vehicles may not be parked on the grass to vend out of your vehicle (excluding some seasonal vendors). There are many parking areas surrounding Rotary Park that may be used for vendor parking. Please do not park in the Rotary Park playground parking area.


Please note that the Mountain Market aims to be a smoke-free and scent-friendly environment. We request that all vendors respect the breathing space of others and keep their booths smoke and scent-friendly.


All vendors are encouraged to reduce their use of single-use disposable packaging. Eco-friendly paper or compostable containers are required.  Styrofoam packaging is not allowed on site.


All vendors must have a minimum of 25 lb of weight per tent leg (or a minimum of 100 lb. overall) to secure their tent against the wind. This is for your safety and the safety of others. If you do not have appropriate tent weights you will not be allowed to set up your tent.


A Market Coordinator is onsite at 8 am each market day. New vendors are recommended to come after 8am. You can identify Market Coordinators by their green & grey hats. When you get onsight, ask someone in a Mountain Market lime green hat for help.


The Mountain Market is always looking for more farmers that can provide locally grown produce throughout the whole market season. Please contact us.  Please note that you must grow the produce yourself to sell it at our market. Reselling is not allowed.


All vendors selling food must comply with the Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets. We highly recommend being FoodSafe or MarketSafe certified. To ensure you qualify to sell at the Mountain Market, please review our food vendor guidelines.

Click to view our food vendor guidelines


Each cosmetic product sold in Canada (and at the Mountain Market) must have a Cosmetic Number which shows they have a completed Cosmetic Notice Form (CNF) with Health Canada. To ensure you qualify to sell at the Mountain Market please familiarize yourself with our cosmetic vendor guidelines.

Click to view our cosmetic vendor guidelines


Doesn’t everyone just LOVE food trucks?  We love having food trucks join us. All food trucks must meet the IHA guidelines and Fire Safety guidelines detailed in the link below. Food trucks must be on-site by 8:30 am. Food trucks must now reserve a spot each week (by midnight Saturday). Click here to reserve your spot. Please note: if you reserve a spot and do not show then you will be charged triple your fee to attend any future market.

Learn more by reviewing our food vendor guidelines


Any vendor utilizing fuel or power sources must have a portable fire extinguisher in their vending area.


We currently have regular fruit vendors that offer cherries at this time. We do not have space for other cherry vendors currently. You may contact us to be put on a waitlist for the future.  Please note that you must grow the cherries yourself to sell at our market.


If you would like to sell corn at the Mountain Market, please contact us to see if we have space available. Please note that you must grow the corn yourself to sell at our market.


Youth vendors with an adult may participate in the Market and must pay the regular vendor fees. We usually welcome youth vendors at the Mountain Market and offer free booths at our Rotary Park Market for youth 18 & under. This is not available at this time due to COVID. Please note that all vendors regardless of their age must follow all the vending guidelines as stated on this page.


BC Beer, wine, cider, and spirits can be sampled and sold at the Mountain Market if vendors have Farmers’ Market Authorization under Liquor Control and Licensing Branch Policy Directives. Click here to download additional information on the process.


Non-profit vendor booths may participate in the market but must pay full vendor fees to do so. We usually support the Fernie community by offering no-cost spaces for non-profit organizations at each Rotary Park Market. This is not available at this time due to COVID. Please note that all vendors (even non-profits) must follow all vending guidelines.


Weekly vendor spaces are “first come, first serve”, except for our seasonal vendor reserved area. Please check in with a Market Coordinator before setting up.  Tape measures are laid out on the ground and designate vendor spots.  Spots around the gazebo are reserved. Spots around the playground are first come first serve. The tape measures state either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Locations market ‘yes’ means you can vend in that area.  Seasonal spots are designated by a green sticker.

Click here to learn about our seasonal reserved area


BCCDC Guidelines now allow Markets to engage live musicians to play background music but must not allow customers to congregate at that location. Markets are not allowed to promote or advertise music at the market. Background music should not be louder than normal conversation.  Please contact us if you would like to explore options and locations to play at the Market. Please note that we do not have a budget to pay musicians but do allow busking for donations.


All vendors selling fruit or vegetables at the Mountain Market are requested to participate in our BCAFM Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon program.  Coupons are valid for the purchase of any unprocessed fruit or vegetable produce sold at the Mountain Market.  Change may not be given for these coupons. Vendors will be reimbursed at the end of alternate markets via online payment.


Vendors who do not follow the Market guidelines will be notified. 1st infraction – verbal warning. 2nd infraction – written warning. 3rd infraction – $100 fine. 4th infraction – market suspension.


Please note that dogs are not allowed in Rotary Park as per City of Fernie Bylaws.


Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions page